Andrew Luttrell

Andrew Luttrell - Singer Songwriter / Musician / Artist / Andrew Luttrell Band / The Coal Mountain Ramblers / EchoSeven / Luttrell Noon & Wenger / Rock, Folk, Americana, Blues, Baltimore Maryland

TODAY                                                                 Released 2009 "Loco Motion Comin"

Lyrics and Music by Andrew Luttrell                     Released 2010 "Acoustic"
© 2008 Echoeseven Music LTD, (BMI)
All Rights Reserved


Time may stop, sunshine turn to darkness
We may all be obsolete
Changing minds, never to have guidance
There may be no driver's seat

Trees may fall, mirrors may be broken
Walls may crumble to the Earth
Oceans freeze or languages unspoken
Gold may not be what it's worth

Doors may close, windows may be shattered
Stones may leap into the sky
Voices quiet, questions never answered, 
No one here to wonder why

So, so baby won't you come on in?
It doesn't matter where we've been
We can dance this night away

Baby, all we've got is today

So darling, please take my hand
It's getting late and you understand
Shed next week and yesterday

Baby, all we've got is today