Andrew Luttrell

Andrew Luttrell - Singer Songwriter / Musician / Artist / Andrew Luttrell Band / The Coal Mountain Ramblers / EchoSeven / Luttrell Noon & Wenger / Rock, Folk, Americana, Blues, Baltimore Maryland

THREE'S A CROWD                                                   Released 2012 "Paint By Numbers"

Lyrics and Music by Andrew Luttrell
© 2011 Echoeseven Music LTD, (BMI) Andrew Luttrell
All Rights Reserved


Struck black gold in Titusville 
Six years later in Signal Hill 
Swimming in a new cash crop 
Then along came Spindletop 

Pick a side in the ballot booth 
Left or right, let’s make ‘em choose 
Option three they’ll toss away 
and it don’t matter anyway 

Movie franchise marketeer 
You sell lots of burgers here 
If we can combine the two 
Odd man out won’t have a clue 

Keep it in the family and make ‘em proud 
We got two companies but three’s a crowd 

Let’s write a new country song 
Call or text, we can’t go wrong 
It starts in pairs, it ain’t no trick 
Father & son, hero & sidekick 

This niche has room for me & you 
Cable or dish, both will do 
Squeeze ‘em out, it’ll be alright 
Rich & poor is like day & night 

Now that the working class ain’t so loud 
We got two companies but three’s a crowd 

Keep it in the family and make ‘em proud