Andrew Luttrell

Andrew Luttrell - Singer Songwriter / Musician / Artist / Andrew Luttrell Band / The Coal Mountain Ramblers / EchoSeven / Luttrell Noon & Wenger / Rock, Folk, Americana, Blues, Baltimore Maryland

PATAPSCO                                             Recorded Coal Mt Ramblers 2005 / 2009, Unreleased

Lyrics and Music by Andrew Luttrell
© 2005 Echoeseven Music LTD, Andrew Luttrell
All Rights Reserved


Moving through the path of the county border
Down in the valley by the tunnel tracks
I ain't seen rain for about two weeks now
And the river tide is receding back

The Civil War blocks laid on the hillside
Much like they did many years ago
The summer sunlight glowed in the water
Where the blood stains washed away below

This outstretched "paradise" ran for miles south
Up the hill west was Meyer's Farm
It had been abandoned, and not before long
The landing surveys had done their harm

The oaks ran straight down along the hollow
At least back then it was undisturbed
When I was a boy I saw many ghost's there
Kin killing kin with no reserve, oh no…

Some years later I ran away there
My brothers found me out in the rain
The summer sunlight knows why I bothered
But I was to young to feel the pain

That silver tree line it seems so cold now
Half of my lifetime I'd chosen wrong
Then wars and brothers may have fought there
But my own battle here still lives on, oh no…