Andrew Luttrell

Andrew Luttrell - Singer Songwriter / Musician / Artist / Andrew Luttrell Band / The Coal Mountain Ramblers / EchoSeven / Luttrell Noon & Wenger / Rock, Folk, Americana, Blues, Baltimore Maryland

GAVENDA HILL                                                               Demo Recorded 2006, Unreleased

Lyrics and Music by Andrew Luttrell
© 2006 Echoeseven Music LTD, Andrew Luttrell
All Rights Reserved

If you are facing Gavenda Hill, and the sun has set today
Metal locks and tiny forks may settle and lie in your way
Ancient frames and building blocks, the others carved this week
Can't seem to get you on the spot, until your soul can speak

If the stone is cracked and rough, as you leave this place
Many others may walk home, but they didn't enter the race
Still a pleasant life they live, though the wall seems high
The spaces in between the stones will always be denied

If the water gets to deep, on up over the hill
The island of a future wheel, come closer and stand still
Bend your willow, roll that wave, the level has been turned
And from the other side you climb, the deadly past is burned

If the soil from where you stand, a tender-foot sound
A steady mark on simple turf, when the painted sail's a-ground
Heavy spoons are drifting south, the gear is soft and oiled
Sentimental telegrams, the earth is never spoiled

If you see stars just for a while, look for the winter and call
The silent valley horses, deliver their lullabies small
Send Brooklyn Crowns to Abraham, the Blueridge pine to me
And as you cradle prophesies, Gavenda Hill is free
Gavenda Hill is free
Gavenda Hill is free