Andrew Luttrell

Andrew Luttrell - Singer Songwriter / Musician / Artist / Andrew Luttrell Band / The Coal Mountain Ramblers / EchoSeven / Luttrell Noon & Wenger / Rock, Folk, Americana, Blues, Baltimore Maryland

ANDREW LUTTRELL Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Frontman for:
ANDREW LUTTRELL BAND: Electric Rock Originals & Covers
THE COAL MOUNTAIN RAMBLERS: Acoustic Originals & Covers
ECHOSEVEN: Electric Rock Originals & Covers
LUTTRELL-GRIMM: Acoustic Originals & Covers
LUTTRELL, NOON & WENGER: Acoustic Original Studio Albums.
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MUSICIAN - Rock/Folk/Americana. Electric & acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano: Andrew has over eight album releases through the independent record label “Echoeseven Music LTD” over the past ten years, including several studio albums loaded with his original material. He also has years of live recording knowledge (most of his shows are recorded) and decades of studio production experience.

After many years in a row of consistent writing, recording, and playing shows, Andrew took a much needed hiatus from his bands, music, and live performances in late 2012. Currently, he continues to perform solo acoustic sets / songwriter showcases from time to time. There are no shows being scheduled right now.


(2012) Andrew Luttrell Band - PAINT BY NUMBER$ is a diverse musical ride with narrative themes focusing on the arts, creative survival, current social & political economic structures, and the recent occupy movement. Writing all the lyrics, music, and arrangements, Andrew assembles a lineup of band-mates & musicians he’s worked with over the past six years & hand-picked for this project, forming a rock band to attack the senses. Recorded by Christopher Freeland (Wye Oak, Bosley, Secret Mountains) and Mastered by Roger Seibel (The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith). Genres - Rock / Folk / Blues / Americana


“In his 2012 studio album PAINT BY NUMBER$, Luttrell’s vision of country is slightly different than the rest of ours, and that’s to listeners’ good.  SARA SOTA and SISTER GOES BAD are ominous constructions that split the difference between grim country and ripping psych, and they register as some of the most memorable tunes on his album. Andrew Luttrell nails the space between psych and country. Adventurous listeners, take heed.”
                                                             -Stephen Carradini - Independent Clauses Music Blog

“Luttrell paints a lot of fine character details with his lyrics, which like those in LANDSCAPE PLAINS don’t really form a coherent picture until you’ve made it through the whole song. That’s no doubt an intention, given that painting by numbers gives you a mosaic, much like an impressionistic painting. The paintings (by Luttrell) in the accompanying CD booklet are often abstract in the same way. It’s a deeper theme that holds the record PAINT BY NUMBER$—which has wild, often disjointed stylist swings among the 10 tracks—together.”                                                                                                                                                                               -Jack Hunter - Driftwood Music Magazine

“SARA SOTA (from PAINT BY NUMBER$) shows some serious rock range with it’s heavy licks and greasy, low down delivery that would impress anyone holding a bourbon on the rocks. All in all, Andrew Luttrell and his band display good musicianship and a strong sense of groove, if not a whole whack of originality on this outing. Luttrell shows potential as a strong storyteller, most evident in the emotionally charged lead track LANDSCAPE PLAINS, which is recommended listening.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -John Moore - IndieMusic Reviews Blog

“Andrew Luttrell wears his myriad influences on his sleeve proudly throughout 10-tracks of, largely, American folk-rock, following the color code with a measure of irreverence and playfulness that keeps the 42-minute album (PAINT BY NUMBER$) lively and intriguing to the last. ...The whole thing is carried throughout by Luttrell’s guitar virtuosity, effortlessly gliding from lilting alt-country; to playful, modal jazz-informed jam-rock; to heavy blues-rock without a hitch.”
                                                                             -Armin Pfleiderer. - Drinktuition Music Review

“On week 16 in the UK on the NEWUSB Radio Top 40 Charts, the song LANDSCAPE PLAINS hit #1”
                                                      -Gonzalo Arzamendi - NEWUSB Radio UK - Arzuk Productions

“In the opening track LANDSCAPE PLAINS (from PAINT BY NUMBER$) the traditional country percussion, fiddle, and organ come together with Luttrell’s guitar solos and character-developing lyrics to create a new shade of Western. On occasion, the jam band territory they delve into can hide the detailed stories crafted by Luttrell. It is only after a closer listen, that the inspiration drawn from a letter written by Vincent Van Gogh to his sister, Wilhelmina, a few months prior to his suicide, can be understood. Andrew Luttrell Band has proved in different strokes that established styles of music are in the eye of the beholder. Rating: 4/5 Stars!”
                                                   -Jamie Verwys - Indie Music Reviewer Magazine - August 2012

“I listened to MAKING SENSES (from PAINT BY NUMBER$) three times and now it's playing in the background again. I have a feeling that the melody will haunt me throughout the day. It's very melodic and catchy. The production and the arrangement are professional and serve the song well. They're definitely not your run-of-the-mill generic lyrics. For example, I like the fact that Luttrell referred to the Mona Lisa and Carvaggio's Medusa turning him into stone.”
                                                                                               -Aaron Moore - Stars Uncharted

“(PAINT BY NUMBER$) sounds like a European take on americana, what with its emphasis on smoothly technical playing and the emphasis on electrified instruments. Kinda like a Dutch Allman Brothers, perhaps. Except that Luttrell and his band are decidedly american. Maybe the Dixie Dregs are a better reference. Anyway, the songs a bit wiggy, but they move so nicely that every tangent is folded seamlessly into the whole.”
                                                                         -Jon Worley - Aiding & Abetting Music Magazine

“The quality of songwriting, musicianship, and production here simply cannot be over-stated. LANDSCAPE PLAINS begins with dreamy-clean guitar picking and then transitions into a more twangy guitar tone and full band production before the vocal kicks in. The skillful arrangement crosses genre barriers and always features quality performances. Luttrell’s vocal is compelling and yet accessible, giving it an instant familiarity.”
                                                                          -Suzanne Glass - writer for Indie-Music dot com

“To say that this album (PAINT BY NUMBER$) is a great example of American/Folk rock does not do it justice. Luttrell has done an amazing job with the writing and arrangement of each of the songs on this album, not to mention his skill at guitar playing and singing.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -J. Todd Patton (Singer-Songwriter) - CD Baby Artist Review

LANDSCAPE PLAINS, SISTER GOES BAD, MAKING SENSES, and DRAGGIN THAT LINE received a generous amount of airplay on local, regional, and international radio stations in 2012.

The song CREEPING BACK TO LIFE received some airplay on local radio stations in 2009.

The song ANN MARIE (from the album "Scorched Sentiments") won honorable mention in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition.

In June 2007, Andrew was awarded first prize and winner of the Emergenza Festival’s Baltimore “Acoustic Hero” Competition and he proceeded to the regional finals.

“Of the dozen songs here, Andrew Luttrell's JAMIE MOORE, with its offbeat narrative and plaintive vocals, can hold its own against any contemporary folk tune. (2006 Album "Scorched Sentiments" review)”
                                                                                             -John Lewis - Baltimore Magazine


Studied Piano 1978-1987
Guitar / Singing 1988
EMERGENT EVOLUTION: Electric Rock Band, 1989-1991.
MISSING DOG HEAD: Acoustic Duo with Johny Edelstein, 1993-1998.
EARWIG: Electric Rock, 1996-1998.
DEGOBAH: Electric Rock, 1997-1998. 
NO MAN NO SON: Electric Rock, 1998-2000.
THE HONEY MUSTARD MEMORY LAPSE: Acoustic Duo with Mark Calhoun, 1999-Present.
THE COAL MOUNTAIN RAMBLERS: Acoustic Jam-Band/Roots Music, 2003-Present.
LUTTRELL, NOON & WENGER: Acoustic Band, 2005-2009.
ECHOSEVEN: Electric Rock, 2006-2010.
SHAKEDOWN SUITE: Electric Grateful Dead Tribute, 2009-2011.
MIDWAY FAIR: 2010-2011 as a special guest.
ANDREW LUTTRELL BAND: Rock,Electric & Acoustic Originals & Covers, 2010-Present.